Makers for COVID-19

3D-Printing Personal Protective Equipment for Medical Professionals on the Frontlines

Healthcare workers have passed away due to the devastating lack of PPE. We are working to change that!

Doing Everything We Can for Our Heroes

Makers for COVID-19 is a coalition of individual hobbyists and 3D-printer owners all around the United States and the world. Together, we are supporting medical professionals on the frontlines with 3D-printed PPE along with other medical shortages.

Our members are properly printing face shields, face masks, ventilator valves, and mask clips. Makers donate to their local medical workers as well as through our centralized request system. 

Makers in Action


Units of PPE / Week 

Our weekly capacity for production of various PPE including shields, masks, ventilator valves, and mask clips

33+ Hospitals Served 

Makers donate PPE through a database of requests in addition to donating to their local hospitals and medical centers

Members in 25 States and 8 Countries

Our Makers come from all over the world to band together to keep medical workers safe

Need PPE?

Makers for COVID-19 supplies face shields, mask clips, and fabric masks. If you need KN95s, N95s, or medical gowns, refer to our list of suppliers.

Make With Us

Join the Team to Get...

  • 1:1 guidance by organizers to help new Makers get started

  • Active community sharing the newest 3D files, printing techniques, information on shortages, and hospitals in need

  • Guides to ensure the PPE you make meet the highest medical and sanitation grade possible

  • Get access to a database of donation requests curated by highest need so that you can make the most impact

  • Be part of a supportive and encouraging community of Makers

Our Story

Hi👋My name is Karina and I am the Founder and lead organizer of Makers for COVID-19. After being sent back home to Brooklyn mid-semester with my 3 printers, I couldn't sit back and do nothing like most Makers. I started doing research to understand the nuances of printing medical grade PPE and additional materials. That same day I started printing face shields and created a slack group for Makers like myself to understand these nuances and get the latest information. Overnight, the group grew to be 170+ members strong and one of the largest Maker collaborations for COVID-19 with new members flooding in everyday. On top of moderating the slack and creating resources for our Makers, I am running my printers 24/7, setting timers, and waking up in the middle of the night to start a new print the minute a previous print is complete. Like most of our Makers, I am doing everything I can, which is why your support no matter how little encourages us to keep going and keep making.

Meet the Team

Brandon Yuen

Pre-med student currently studying bioinformatics with a concentration in genetics. As an aspiring doctor and tech enthusiast, Brandon saw Makers for COVID-19 as the perfect way to help out heroic health care workers as they battle the current crisis. At Makers for COVID-19, Brandon is a and head director, focused on connecting with members and delivering PPE. 

Amanda Buettner

New to the 3-D printing scene, Amanda jumped at the opportunity to learn more about how this technology could have a positive impact during this crisis. Having family members that work in the healthcare sector and that live in New York City, she wanted a way to help those at the frontline that were in need of supplies. At Makers for COVID-19, Amanda manages maker outreach.

Ethan Chan

Studies philosophy as a rising sophomore. Ethan is a champion of workers rights and has family members who are a part of the medical community. For him, deciding to work with makers who can 3D-Print PPE to help healthcare workers stay safe was an easy decision. At Makers for COVID-19, Ethan manages maker outreach.

Advised by the Cornell Law Clinic


All of our members are volunteers and printing these items at their own cost. Many have donated their time, printers, materials, and purchased additional materials (such as clear plastic sheets for face shields) for this cause. In addition to printing, many of our Makers will go out of their way to deliver life-saving PPE to hospitals in critical areas. To help us reimburse our Makers, please consider donating.


We are currently in the process of obtaining 501c-3 tax exempt status in order to accept corporate donations.

Get involved

- write a note to medical workers to show your appreciation. Your note will be included in a box of PPE donations!

“The messages are wonderful! They keep us going!” - Ting Z.


Student and STEM organizations banding together to fight COVID-19

Student volunteers assisting

with digital operations


Creating graphics to illustrate our impact

Assisting with KN95, N95, and gown supply to our medical network

Sourcing requests from hospitals and facilities on the West Coast

klaks 3d final logo.png

3D-Printing PPE partner fulfilling demand in Ghana 

Mexico Chapter

3D-Printing PPE partner fulfilling demand in Mexico 


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Makers for COVID-19

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